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Welcome to Llyn Aquaculture Ltd

Specialising in the development of Recirculation Aquaculture Systems for fish farming, all our systems have been tested on our own pilot commercial fish farm before making them available to our customers. Founded in 1999 and based on the Llyn Pennisular in North Wales, UK, we operate worldwide, supplying systems and advice in many different countries including, Australia, Singapore, Greece, Italy and Ireland.

We are primarily concerned with the design, supply and project management of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), fresh water and marine, hatchery and grow-out. We also advise on project development right from conception to realisation and although we would like to say 'no project is too big', or too small, our honesty comes first. This is borne out by the fact that we have always retained very good relationships with past clients, who continue to come back to us for further advice and expansions.

Staffed by career aquaculturists with a permanent ear for the customer, the bank manager, the environment, animal welfare and human well being we will always provide honest and appropriate advice and services.

We have a small core team, plus a tight network of professional aquaculture experts and engineers who are brought in as their skills are required, such as our sea cage experts, electrical and construction engineers.

Apart from total system design and supply and project management, we also supply well-tried and tested products from other manufacturers along with our own equipment which has been developed in house.

Llyn Aqua Research Limited
Llyn Aqua Research Limited

- Research and Development
- New Species
- RAS Systems
- Indoor Controlled Environment Systems

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Ras Abu Ali hatchery

Ras Abu Ali hatchery, Saudi Arabia.  Llyn Aquaculture have designed all the Live feed and RAS fish rearing systems for this major new re-stocking hatchery currently under construction.  Due for completion end 2018


Restocking Hatchery

After Completion and successful operation of a small recirculation system for coarse fish, mainly carp, for Curborough Fisheries we have recently supplied the design and equipment for their hatchery.

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Monitoring and Control

We continue to support our many LAS units in the field and are now working on the 2nd generation LAS, bringing unmatched ease of use and accessibility to the user.  Each console in the field will be accessed via a touchscreen, all data stored on a 'master PC' and interface will be password protected via any standard web browser.  Due for release mid 2014.

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January 2016
The Llyn Aquaculture designed large scale marine fish hatchery initially reported in 2009 is now well under construction on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. 
New LASM-2 Monitoring & Control System
 Now with increased I/Os, waterproof touch-screen and web browser based interface..
Feb 2017
Aquaculture Investments.
Llyn Aquaculture Appointed as principal consultants for the aquaculture development division of a major renewable energy comapy and are actively seeking investment opportunities.
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