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Oxygen monitoring systems

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring - Aquaculture, waste water and environmental
Obviously oxygen monitoring, and its control, is one of the key parameters to a successful aquaculture operation.

Also suitable for waste water treatment, industrial processes and environmental monitoring.

We recognized back in 2004 a gap in the market for a monitoring system which delivers all the functions and more of the established market leaders at a lower cost, which can be easily user installed and configured with minimal training. Also totally expandable with the option of wireless links and web based viewing and control of parameters. We set forth to develop our own system which could be easily networked using off the shelf products.

At the heart of our system is the Llyn Aqua Sensor -1, 'LAS-1', sensor monitoring unit combined with the Llyn Aqua Sensor Management 'LASM' software. Each LAS-1 unit has 8 inputs (any combination of oxygen, temperature, pH, switches). On request we can adapt the signal from any probe and make the appropriate software modifications to make the system totally flexible. AS well as a common alarm output there are 8 further outputs. Each one can be linked to any of the 8 inputs, so multiple triggers (from anyone or more of the inputs) can be linked any one or more of the outputs. Also, any number of alarm trigger points can be set for each channel.

The system has now been tested in house and in the field for 2 years and is very reliable, with all data being stored and managed from a dedicated PC / Laptop, it can be viewed and controlled from any point in the network (or www). Our largest installation to date has 8 units running on one network. The current version of the software allows up to 20 units on each network (160 points of monitoring), and the version currently under development will handle over 100 units (800 points of monitoring).

Brief description of the Software
By looking at a few screenshots we can give you an idea of how the system works.

Screenshot A.
Under the 'Current Values' tab various user defined reports can be specified (and named as you choose). Here you can see only two LAS-1 units are running on this installation (the Llyn Aqua site in N. Wales).

Screenshot B.
A separate program LAS-Plot, allows trend graphs of any of the probes to be displayed.

Screenshot C.
After the user specifies which probe is connected to which channel, configuring the alarm or control triggers is a simple matter of logic on the 'triggers' page.

Screenshot D.
All events such as alarms, any units being shut down, power failures, configuration or calibration changes are logged for future reference. Screenshot E.

Screenshot E.
Calibration is a simple matter of placing the probe in air (oxygen) or at a know temperature / pH etc. and inserting the required value in the calibration page

Please contact us with details of your requirements and we will discuss the options and provide a quotation. We can also offer an installation and set up service if required.

Our systems are all LAN based and can be used in a wide variety of applications at a lower cost and better or equal specification to the current systems on the market.

- Land based aquaculture - ponds or tanks

- Sea cages - data can either be managed on the cages or sent via wireless link up to several km to shore base

- Waste water treatment

- Research

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Screenshot A


Screenshot B


Screenshot C


Screenshot D


Screenshot E

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