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Llyn Aqua Research Limited

Llyn Aqua Research Ltd
Llyn Aqua Research is the sister company to Llyn Aquaculture and focuses on commercial and contracted Research and Development. Our 400m2 dedicated aquaculture R&D facility is available for trials and new species development. Having been a partner on several successful EU-funded projects we are pleased to offer ourselves as a Research Provider specialising in Recirculation Technology.

New species development
Either at your own site or as contract research at our site (tank space permitting), we have extensive experience of developing species new to aquaculture. Recent examples of this include work towards commercialisation of dover sole (solea solea) production, and the marine halophyte plant samphire, Salicornia, also, in the past, Dentex dentex, Pagrus pagrus.

System development
Project development – design and supply of complete RAS systems for species new to aquaculture perhaps – or a different approach (see shallow raceway systems used for flatfish and shrimp), we are currently working on designs for an RAS for Abalone, and have designed and supplied the only RAS’s for Arctic Charr and European perch in the UK / Ireland.

Indoor Controlled Environment
We have recently completed a 4 year program of R & D into the Indoor Controlled Environment (ICE) culture of shrimp, L. vannamei, where we combined the concept of Zero Exchange Heterotrophic systems with our own water management technology and have developed a cost effective system for the commercial production of tropical shrimp outside of the tropics.
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