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Aquaculture Equipment for fish farming

Complete Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) design and supply

Find out more about our RAS design and supply service

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Monitoring, Alarm and Control Systems

Find out more about our Monitoring, Alarm and Control System design and supply 


Our primary activity is design, we are not an Aquaculture equipment shop, but concentrate on full system designs. However, we do have equipment we have developed ourselves, plus some key items that we are happy to supply at very competitive prices, which we can specify and supply to upgrade your existing systems.

Low Head / High Volume Pumps

At Llyn Aquaculture we recognised the nead for a high volume / low head pump to deliver ca. 100 m³/hr to meet the needs of efficient RAS design where water does not need to be elevated to a great height. Way back in 1999 we came up with a prototype that is now sold as our LA 1-100-0.75 pump as part of our complete systems which are designed specifically to accommodate this pump. I.e. it pumps to height of 1m, a volume of 100 m3 / hr with a 0.75 KW motor.  Read More>>

Drum Filters

At Llyn Aquaculture we always chooses to use Faivre Drum filters in our large installations, for their excellent build quality and reliability and are a recognised as one of Faivres' main distributors. Hence, wherever you are located, we are happy to supply Faivre filters, fish graders and counters and fish elevators as stand alone items. Read More>>

UV Systems

Llyn Aquaculture are able to recommend and supply the appropriate UV units for your application. For reliability, quality and performance we have teamed up with Hanovia, world leaders in UV technology. With our aquaculture experience we are able to offer the most appropriate units and a design service to ensure optimum performance. Please contact us for further details on [email protected]

Or review the Hanovia web site here for further details of products. 

Biological filtration media

We have access to the best value media suited to your application, either submerged moving bed (or submerged static) or trickle filter media. 

Oxygen generators and injection systems

Oxygen Generators - We have a number of options to supply the best make & model for your application and location. We will also design and supply the most appropriate oxygen delivery system for your application. Please avoid wasted time and expenditure and get us to supply the best solution from day 1.


Ozone generators and contactors

We will design and supply the entire system including generator, monitor / controller and dissolution system as most appropriate for your needs. 

Foam fractionators / Protein Skimmers

We custom design and build to order from Stainless Steel to suit your requirements. Typical flow rates are from 20 m³/ hr upwards. Often we can adapt part of your existing system to work as a foam fractionator / protein skimmer without the need for a complete unit.

Please contact us for further details.


Specialist RAS Pumps
We specialise in the supply of low head - high volume pumps

Waste Water Treatment
Design of discharge water treatment to meet environmental requirements - both fresh water and salt water. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Pressure Sand Filters / Bead Filters
We supply a full range of pressure sand filters by Lacron and Waterco
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1521900090_Faivre 3.JPG

Faivre 8-160 filter installed in concrete channel


Trickle Filter Media block


Constructed wetlands / reed bed


Oxygen Generators

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