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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

The design and supply of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, RAS's also known as Recirculation Aquaculture Systems is our main activity. Be it for fresh water or marine, hatchery, nursery or growout, fish or shellfish, we have the experience to offer the best solution to meet your requirements. From large-scale growout of table fish, to high tech research facilities, we draw upon many years of successful system design to customise a sustainable and profitable solution. 
What we do not have is a system design that fits all requirements - such a system does not exist! Certainly many aspects of our systems are transferable from one application to another, but each location, species and even sales pattern will determine the detail of the design, which can only be realised by considering each project individually.
Sadly, correct emphasis on design is still often overlooked, and projects fail because of this. The aquaculture press regularly reports on bankrupt projects for one reason or another. Sometime the sale price or growth rate has been vastly overestimated, other times system design is fundamentally in error. If from failure to produce, it is often the case that the equipment used is not bad, it has just been specified wrongly and put together in the wrong order! We will only supply designs and equipment based on tried and tested performance, mostly at our own site in North Wales. Here we have produced sea bass, turbot and Dover sole, both fry and table fish. This enables us to continuously develop and test our systems and products and serves to illustrate the company design philosophy - balancing cost effectiveness and energy efficiency against environmental impact and the needs of the fish for optimal growth. We have recently completed a 4 year R & D program to develop cost effective systems and management protocols to grow L. Vannamei (Pacific White shrimp) in indoor super intensive 'ICE' RASs. (see Llyn Aqua Research Ltd).
Our programme of continuous research and development ensures that we remain at the forefront of current production technology and that the systems we supply have been thoroughly proven under commercial conditions.

We are currently working on projects in the UK, Australia, Greece and Ireland, Middle East and UK and provide a comprehensive consultancy service ranging from initial feasibility studies to total system design, project management, supply and installation.
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Past Projects

A brief summary of just some of the projects we have been involved in.

Tropical Food Fish hatchery, Singapore 2000 / 2001

Sea Bass pilot project - 20 tonnes per annum, 1999 - 2002

Turbot growout pilot project - 5 tonnes per annum 2003- 2009
Dover Sole hatchery / growout pilot project 2004 - 2006
Arctic Charr growout farm, 60 tonnes capacity, 2005

Super Intensive Indoor Shrimp production - 2006 -2008

European Perch growout farm - 90 tonnes, 2007
European Perch Growout Farm - 50 tonnes, 2008
Carp high density Nursery 2010-11
Design Study - Marine fish restocking Hatchery, Saudi Arabia, 2011
Marine hatchery and Nursery, Falkland Islands 2012
Sturgeon and trout RAS farm, Kazakhstan 2011 2012 

Saudi Arabia - Full feasibility Study, detailed design and consultancy for marine fish hatchery 2011- Present


Growout tank for 60 tonne per annum Arctic Charr Farm, Ireland. Showing 4 of 100m³ tanks each holding up to 10 tonnes of fish.


Nursery tanks


50 tonne per annum European Perch Farm, under construction.


University of Bangor research lab

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