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Sea Bass
Marine, Temperate / Mediterranean Fish

- Sea Bass
- Sea Bream
- Dover Sole
- Senegalese Sole

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Temperate Marine Flatfish

 - Turbot

- Dover Sole

High value species with low FCRs, low energy consumption, relatively high space requirement but suitable for our stacked 'shallow raceway systems'

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Shrimp / Prawns
Shrimp / Prawns - the 'ICE' system (Indoor Controlled Environment)

Over the past several years, techniques have been developed to rear shrimp in 'super intensive' or 'Bio-floc' systems notably in Central / South America, Asia and USA. Rather than rely on the development of phytoplankton to manage water quality.

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Cold Water

- Arctic Charr
- Salmon

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Tropical / Sub Tropical

- Barramundi, Tilapia
- Cobia
- Grouper
- Yellow Tail Kingfish
- Rabbit fish
- Red drum

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Fresh Water

- Charr
- Eel
- Perch
- Tilapia
- Sturgeon
- Catfish
- Barramundi

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893474214_Salicornia 1.JPG
Salicornia - Marsh Samphire

Proven technology

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