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Dr Mark Rigby
Technical Director, has more than 30 years experience in the aquaculture industry. He gained his PhD in Turbot larval rearing and went on to design, build and run a number of major projects in Greece, both hatchery and on-growing. He has worked with a wide range of species including turbot, sole, sea bass, sea bream, cod, sturgeon, eel, carp, tilapia, tropical prawns, Arctic Charr, perch, clams and catfish.

Chris Norton
 Chris ownes and runs his own succesfull coarse fish hatchery and fishery in the UK, Norton Aquaculture ltd. with a small RAS system initially set up by Llyn Aquaculture.  Chris also provides construction services to Llyn Aquaculture ( & visa versa).  Norton Aquaculture have a range of construction machinery and specialise in aquaculture projects.

Patrick White
Catherine Rigby ACMA
Gian Luigi Lago
Dr Panos Dendrinos
 With over 35 years experience in Marine & freshwater aquaculture, Dr Dendrinos was one of the pioneers of the Greek Seabass & Seabream industry.  His experience spans both hatchery and sea cage design and operations as well as owning and running a major eel farm for over 15 years.
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