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Apart from the design and supply services we also offer Aquaculture Feasibility studies and Business plans, financial analyses and Grant applications 

Pre-feasibility / Feasibility studies

For those new to the business, or established aquaculture operators wishing to expand into recirculation systems, we can advise on the most appropriate technology and scale of operation to suit your requirements. Often this will entail a site visit followed by a written report.  As a first step to understanding your fish farming requirements please download, save and fill in our QUESTIONAIRE - then e-mail it back to us.  Or just write to us at [email protected]


Business plans / financial analyses

A strong and well written Business Plan should be a cornerstone of every new aquaculture project. At Llyn Aqua, we listen to your ideas and get to understand your vision for the project to ensure the Business Plan is relevant to your business, your local conditions, your targeted markets and your financial situation. 


Grant applications

Llyn Aqua has a strong track record in helping businesses access public funding to part fund investments. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Project management

Having designed the right aquaculture systems for you we will not abandon you! It is essential that a sound plan is put in place to make sure that all designs are brought to reality on time and on budget. Without this even the best of designs will be doomed to fail before the first batch of fish is grown. Even now we see many projects which are either under funded or have run over budget due to poor management and wrong selection of species, location and / or technology. If required we can assist in the planning and implementation and help ensure that this does not happen to your project.



Research and Development

Our site in North Wales has been de-commissioned as we become increasingly busy with other projects. We have collaborating farms in UK & Greece where R&D projects continue to be carried out.

Recent projects include;

- Establishing a commercially viable Indoor Controlled Environment system for the intensive rearing of marine shrimp

- renovation of large eel farm, Madagascar

- Development of stacked shallow raceway systems for the rearing of flatfish Dover sole and turbot

- Development of constructed wetland systems growing Samphire, Salicornia Spp for the treatment of fish farm discharge water

- Design & supply of outdoor RAS trout farm, Wales, UK.

- Design input for major shellfish hatchery, Italy

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