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Dover Sole

We are one of the very few companies to have successfully reared Dover Sole to market size (350 – 500 g), and one of the fewer still to have achieved this with tails! One of the highest value species on the market its unique flavour comes from the fact that in nature it does not feed on other fish at all, but forages for worms and crustaceans and will even crunch up molluscs such as mussels and clams. This is one reason why there are no really suitable commercial diets on the market and much research into feed formulation as well as breeding is still needed to make this species commercially viable. We at Llyn Aquaculture are ideally placed to take on the challenge using our IP and the right commercial partner.
Previous attempt to rear this fish had concluded that densities above 12 Kg / m2 were not possible whereas our shallow raceway systems comfortably achieved 25 – 30 Kg / m2 which translates to up to 300 Kg of fish per m3.

Senegalese Sole
Slightly lower value than the Dover Sole, but still a highly prized food fish, the Senegalese sole is far easier to cultivate than its more northerly cousin. Our System designs are perfectly suited to rearing this species the only bottleneck being the availability of large numbers of fry.
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Llyn Aqua produced weaned sole - fully pigmented


Perfectly formed juveniles 1 - 1.5g


Brood  Fish

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